Shugyo Aikido Dojo

Shugyo Aikido Dojo

Shugyo Aikido Dojo martial arts in Union City, California, provides modern, practical, world class instruction and training! Learn a highly effective system of self defense that protects you against multiple attackers, even if they have weapons.


SHUGYO AIKIDO DOJO – 修行  合気道  道場 
 Aikido is a complete self defense system that protects you and your loved ones while minimizing injury to your attackers.

Aikido’s effectiveness is in its unique addition of joint locks, pins, and throws to basic strikes, kicks, and blocks: it instantly ends violent conflicts, and is one of the world’s most respected arts because of its philosophy of peaceful security. The training is combined with many other self defense skills to help you develop into a complete martial artist, giving you peace in your mind and spirit while developing your body. We will help you develop excellent physical fitness, health, and mental conditioning, and empower you to assume control if you are attacked and stop anyone from perpetrating violence against you or your loved ones.   Shugyo Aikido Dojo is located at: 33511 Western Avenue, Union City, CA  94587

    INSTRUCTORS   Sensei James Neiman is internationally recognized as one of the most gifted teachers in the entire world, and you will have his individual attention. You will learn fast! He is among the Bay Area’s most experienced martial artists. He has been training and teaching since 1978, and is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido. Thousands of people have learned from him, and many say that Sensei James makes difficult things seem easy!



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Sensei James Neiman, 4th Dan Aikikai

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Develop Your Mind, Body, and Spirit at Shugyo Aikido Dojo

Often the key to safety is recognizing danger before it becomes a reality. We teach you how to maintain peaceful relations with people and eliminate physical and interpersonal conflict. At Shugyo Aikido Dojo we train with a peaceful attitude, and focus on your complete health in all aspects of life. If you are at peace, others will be at peace with you!

The Keys to Success in Life and on the Mat

Peace, honor, compassion, and spiritual discipline are among our chief values, and our students consistently aim for the highest levels of success in our challenging world (workplace, marriage, school, business, sports, etc). Aikido practitioners come from all walks of life, and people of all backgrounds train together in Aikido dojos all over the world!

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Shugyo Aikido Dojo


33511 Western Avenue

Union City, California